Because all diets work through a single mechanism - they restrict your calorie intake. People lose weight when they eat less.

If that’s true, then the best diet is the simplest one. So I asked myself: what’s the one thing I can change that will make the biggest difference in my calorie consumption?

Everyone has one thing.

Day5 dinner

Went to IHOP for dinner at 10pm. Had the steak tips meal with potato hash, one egg, and 1 slice of French toast. Twas delicious!

I definitely ate more than 10 bites but here’s the crazy thing - I enjoyed every single bite. I kept waiting for myself to get full the way I normally do - like a switch that goes off. But tonight, the fullness came upon me slowly and luxuriously, like a slow wave. I rode it to shore and was perfectly happy at the end.

It’s hard to feel bad or guilty for a dinner like tonight’s. I know it’s more than my allotted food amount, but it’s so much more the kind of eating I always want to have, which is truly experiencing everything. Feeling the hunger, anticipating my meal, savoring every bite, and letting my fullness slowly roll over me before arriving to shore.

So today, I actually think was a success. Let’s see what my scale thinks tomorrow!

Day4 summary

So I have mixed feelings about today. On one hand, it was so much fun! Watching polo, playing badminton, then going to eat fresh lobster at a seafood shack with the most gorgeous sunset followed by a trip to a creamery.

It was a perfect summers day. Except for small issues. Like eating compulsively on snacks even though I wasn’t crazy about it. Feeling stuffed, something I don’t enjoy anymore.

But I don’t want to see today as, oh I failed, I’m the worst. Actually, I want to reflect on today and see how it could have been even better.

One would be not to have spoiled my appetite for dinner by eating so much junk food that I don’t even really like. I find that I fall into habits in social situations when food is everywhere and eating haphazardly is the norm. My brain sort of shuts off in those situations , some combination of free food and relaxing with friends and a reflex of letting go and not being in control anymore. I become a robot and eat out of reflex, but when I stop, I always feel worse. Not just emotionally, bit physically as well. All that processed foods with salt, which I overeat and eat too quickly.

I need to remember that in social situations with free food, particularly if everyone else has this free for all attitude, I need to take a few breaths, and not let my terrible robot eating habits kick in. Not only would it have made my day better, but I would have looked forward to dinner more.

I’ve done this eve since I was a little girl, so it’s understandably hard why I get into this mode. But as long as I’m aware of it, then it’s another habit I can kick to he curb.

No ones perfect, but tomorrow’s a new day.